Our Team


Electronic Security Company rises and shines due to hard-work of our devoted team members that are very keen on following the company’s strategy. We are very fortunate to have such a great combination and synchronization of workforce that can only move forward. Our culture of respect, trust, reliance and mutual benefit makes our team confide in us while every single member performs to deliver with maximized efficiency.

Muhammad Talha

Manager Lahore Experience Center

Muhammad Talha operates from our Lahore Experience Center; responsible for our Central Region Operations supervising several teams including warehouse, channel and vertical sales, services and technical support.



Fahad Masood

Manager Rawalpindi Experience Center

Fahad Masood is one of the backbone staff members. Fahad is responsible for both retail and B2B operations in the north region. Please feel free to send any sales queries to Fahad or visit ESCO’s Rawalpindi Experience Center anytime you want.


Umar Gull

Assistant Manager Operations

Umar Gull is the first point of contact for any new or repeat customer(s). Let it be a sales contract or a service level agreement or a birthday party of a staff member; he is the one who just doesn’t forget anything. Since his joining has played his role to add to ESCO’s repute of timely deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Hammad Maqsood

Assistant Manager Technical

Hammad Maqsood has more than three years of experience in the fields of Video Surveillance, Networking, Conferencing and Public Address Systems. From planning and designing to budgeting, executing, and after sales technical support, he has it all. He leads the team that earned us best training partner for Hikvision among 131 countries of the region.

Ikrama Nawaz

Assistant Manager Services

Ikrama Nawaz is one of pillars on which ESCO stands high today He is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the services and installation teams in liaison with sales and operations. Please feel free to send any queries to Ikrama Nawaz or visit ESCO’s Rawalpindi Experience Center anytime you want.


Moin Iqbal

Assistant Manager Logistics

Moin Iqbal is a self-starter experienced and devoted performer who finds pleasure in precision and achieving not less than 100%. Logistics department acts as a backbone of a supply chain natured business like ours and Moin and his team don’t find anything more exciting than challenges for achievements and improvements.

If you believe in yourself and want to be a part of ESCO, please visit our Rozee.pk vacancy listings here.