Bosch Plena Voice Alarm System (VAS)

PLENA Voice Alarm System

The fast route to safety

PLENA Public Address and Voice Alarm System

The Bosch Plena VAS makes an optimal evacuation, announcement and background music solution for a broad range of applications including schools, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, gyms and recreational facilities, factories, offices and several other applications where public security and evacuation standards compliance is necessary.

The Bosch Plena Voice Alarm System is a strong yet easy to use public address and emergency alert/evacuation system, certified for compliance with EN 54-16, ISO 7240-16 and EN 60849 building evacuation standards.

The Plena Public Address and Voice Alarm System is based on a standalone plug-n-play architecture which makes it an ideal choice for small to medium size projects. The controller alone can cater for up to six zones with a built-in 240 W amplifier, a built-in message manager, emergency and business trigger inputs and an emergency microphone. The system can be expanded up to 120 zones by adding routers.