Bosch Praesensa

Bosch Praesensa

IP-connected and fully-featured

Praesensa is state of the art newest addition to Bosch’s Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems Portfolio.

Praesensa’s all system components communicate through the network, which guarantees flexibleness in design and ease in future expansion for varying system sizes suiting all installation scales; smaller centralized or decentralized large systems. DanteTM audio networking, AES67 and AES70 protocols are fully supported by Praesensa’s OMNEO IP based architecture.

Praesensa has a unique multi-channel amplifier architecture; which stands as an innovation in the voice alarm solutions. Intelligent power allocation ensures optimum utilization of power, independent of the loudspeaker load in a zone. Network link redundancy that enhances reliability and availability of the system and a friendly and natural call station interface design are the powerful features available with Praesensa.

Praesensa is a complete-in-all-respects system that allows design and scale flexibility catering to dynamic requirements. It is an obvious solution for everyone let it be system integrators, manufacturing and building construction business operators or consultants. Praesensa, ticks all the boxes.